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Trump Says He'd Stop Ford from Moving Production with a 35 Percent Import Tariff

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  Donald Trump’s trip last night to Canton began with a quick tour of the Pro Football Hall of Fame and ended with a pledge at the Canton Memorial Civic Center to be a great president for all Americans. But as WKSU’s M.L. Schultze reports for Ohio Public Radio, he at times seemed more focused on Flint, Michigan, than Canton, Ohio.

Trump chose not to finish his speech earlier in Flint after the pastor of the church there interrupted his attack on Hillary Clinton, telling Trump this was not supposed to be a political speech.

So a few hours later when he spoke to thousands of people in Canton, Trump picked up with parts of that speech, along with attacks on Clinton, President Obama, trade and stupid leaders.

“It used to be cars are made in Flint and you couldn’t drink the water in Mexico. Now, the cars are made in Mexico and you can’t drink the water in Flint.”

Trump lambasted Ford’s announcement that it plans to eventually shift all small-car production to Mexico, saying it springs from bad trade deals.

Trump in Canton
Credit M.L. SCHULTZE / wksu
Trump cut short his speech in Flint, Mich., earlier and sounded at times like he was still there. At one point, he said: "I'm running to bring hope to Flint and so many other places, including even Canton."

It was the GOP nominee’s first rally in Canton and it came on a day when two polls show him with a 5 point lead over Hillary Clinton here.  

An attack on Ford and trade deals
Donald Trump refreshed his attack on trade deals during his speech in Canton last night by noting that Ford is planning to eventually shift all small-car production to Mexico. He said it would be easy to change Ford’s mind with a 4 to 5 minute phone call explaining that every vehicle made overseas would be subject to a 35 percent import tariff.

Trump Says He'd Stop Ford from Moving Production with a 35 Percent Import Tariff
Ford and trade deals

“I will defend your jobs and I will bring back vehicle production to the United States of America, that includes Ohio and it includes Michigan and it includes all of the states that are being ripped off.” :15

With fewer specifics, Trump repeated pledges to build a wall with Mexico, keep Syrian refugees out of the U.S., repeal Obamacare, and rebuild the military.

He also took a swipe a Hillary Clinton’s health, saying he doubts she could have remained on stage as long as he did.

The debate over Islam
And there were a few less than cordial moments outside the Civic Center as well.

First, inside,  Trump repeated his claim that the refugees can’t be screened.
“We don’t know where these people come from, we don’t know if they have love or hate in their hearts and there’s no way to tell. “

A Trump supporter went further outside when he challenged a group of young women holding “Love Trumps hate” signs and accused Hillary Clinton of being backed by terrorists.

“What does Islam do? They kill gays. They kill Jews, I’m a Jew. They kill Christians every day and no one does nothing....” :

That led to two men shouting at each other.

“You’re a hypocrite. You’re a hypocrite.”

A woman then chastised the girls for not opposing abortion.

Langley Smith, a McKinley High School senior, says the raised voices didn’t sway her.

“I think that speaks to some of the ignorance that I’ve heard tonight and seen tonight. These people think that just yelling the things they think makes it more important rather than come with facts or evidence or logical and critical thinking.”

Two new polls show Trump ahead of Clinton by 5 points in Ohio.