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Retired General Returns to Ohio to Campaign for Hillary Clinton

Gen. Johnnie Wilson

A four-star general from Lorain is among the retired officers who have been making the case for and against Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump this week. WKSU’s M.L. Schultze reports.

Gen. Johnnie Wilson is among the 95 generals and admirals who are campaigning for Clinton – going up against the 88 backing Trump. Wilson acknowledges a political role for military retirees is a relatively recent development.

“It’s been just recently in the last 20 years or so that you’ve seen many flag officers come out in support of a candidate. We’ve always maintained this where we’re apolitical and we serve the nation. But we’re also not only retired officers, but we’re citizens of this great nation.”

Wilson acknowledged Trump has a lead in most polls among servicemen and women, but expects that to close. He says he’s backing Clinton because she’s  supported the military and veterans, and he trusts her to deal with ISIS and other national security issues. He also thinks she’s the better candidate on issues like infrastructure, immigration reform and education.

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