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Trump Supporters Rally in Cleveland on Day One of RNC

Christopher Cox

Hundreds of Donald Trump supporters gathered on the banks of the Cuyahoga River today for a rally on day one of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. The “America First Unity Rally” touched on many topics. 

One of the guest speakers was the organizer of Bikers for Trump, Christopher Cox. He told the crowd that Trump speaks his mind, and that has helped the country.

“Well, there are many reasons that bikers support Donald Trump. But before Donald Trump came on the scene American’s were tongue tied by political correctness. Donald Trump has more or less untied the tongue of America and like the biker tells it like it is.”

Cox says Trump isn’t afraid to use the term radical Islam for terrorism, and would take the fight to ISIS. And he supports Trump’s call for stopping illegal immigration with a wall and the vetting of Syrian refugees. Many at the rally wore a T-shirt calling for presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton to be sent to prison.                                                                

A call for black voters to support Trump
Another message at the “America First Unity Rally” was not to believe the polls that say blacks don’t back Trump.

A call to vote

Wayne Dupree, a black conservative talk show host took the stage and told the crowd to vote. He told the almost entirely white audience that polls showing little support for Trump among black voters is false.  And, he urged black supporters to spread the word.

Wayne Dupree
Conservative talk show host Wayne Depree on stage at today's Trump rally in Cleveland

“Start knocking on your neighbor’s doors, the people you go to church with, knock on their doors, sit down with them and explain to them that if Hillary Clinton is elected America is done.”