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2018 was a big election year in Ohio. Republicans held onto all five statewide executive offices including governor and super majorities in both the Ohio House and Senate. But there were a few bright spots for Democrats, among them the reelection of U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown and the election of two Democrats to the Ohio Supreme Court.With election 2018 over, the focus now shifts to governing. Stay connected with the latest on politics, policies and people making the decisions at all levels affecting your lives.

Sunday's Killings of Police Leads to Call to Ban Guns in Downtown Cleveland During the RNC

Steve Loomis

  The head of Cleveland’s police union is pressing Gov. John Kasich to suspend Ohio’s open-carry gun law for the week of the Republican National Convention. WKSU’s M.L. Schultze has more on the growing conflict between heightened tensions and Ohio’s constitutional rights.

Until this weekend, the head of the Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association was philosophical that police would be able to handle convention security even if people showed up in downtown Cleveland openly carrying guns – as Ohio law allows.

But after three officers were killed in Louisiana Sunday, Steve Loomis called for the governor to issue an executive order banning open and concealed carry guns from the downtown event zone this week. He insisted the union is pro gun rights but that “passionate protesters from all parts of the world” make allowing guns too risky.

John Kasich
Kasich says the killing threaten to permanently divide community and police.

Kasich issued a videotaped statement after the attack.

“These kinds of vicious attack on police officer will only serve to drive a wedge and destroy the very fabric of our society.”

But the governor told CNN Ohio governors cannot unilaterally suspend state and federal constitutional rights and laws .