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Ohio Delegates Can Stay Above the Fray Until Kasich Releases Them

Donald Trump speaking at one of his rallys

  A small group of anyone-but-Trump Republicans is pushing to change the rules to free delegates from the results of state primaries and caucuses to vote their consciences at the Republican National Convention.  But for Ohio’s delegates, at least for now, that’s not a concern. 

Ohio switched to a winner-take-all primary in March, and that winner was Gov. John Kasich. So less than a month before the convention begins in Cleveland, all 66 Ohio delegates remain pledged to Kasich. Stark County Commissioner Janet Creighton is one of them.

“We will go into that convention, and we will basically march to the orders of the governor because that’s how we got there. But I think there are probably other factions throughout the country that maybe have decided that maybe they think we should go another direction. Personally, I think it will be very difficult to change the structure and to change the direction that we’re headed.”

Creighton, who is attending her fifth convention, has served on a platform committee, as well as a delegate and alternate.

Kasich has not yet endorsed Donald Trump and has indicated he may not.