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Federal Judge Rejects Delay of Ohio "Golden Week" Order

Ohio voting sticker

A federal judge has rejected the state’s request to delay his ruling that brought back the so-called Golden Week in which new voters could register and vote at the same time. 

In his initial ruling restoring the Golden Week, the judge had sided with the Ohio Democratic Party in its suit over the 2014 law – a law Republican Secretary of State Jon Husted defended in his appeal to delay that ruling.

“We have to have standards. We can’t have this ‘Golden Week’ out there, where people from other states are coming into Ohio, registering and voting in the same day and essentially creating voter fraud because of the fact that they’re really not Ohioans – they’re voting and they shouldn’t be eligible to vote,” the judge said.

If there’s no ruling by the full 6th Circuit Court in the coming weeks, new voters will be able to register and cast ballots during that one week for this fall’s presidential election.