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Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown Suggests Fining Corporations for Underpaying Workers

A photo of Sherrod Brown.

During a speech at the Cleveland City Club today, Sen. Sherrod Brown accused large corporations of paying workers low wages and forcing them to use tax-funded government programs.

Ohio’s Democratic senator says the companies would be fined for these practices under his proposed Benefits Bank plan, which he says would provide greater benefits to freelance and independent workers.

“That’s why I propose as part of the benefit bank, a new fee on large corporations where large numbers of their employees rely on government benefits. If a firm chooses to pay its workers so little that many are forced into government assistance, then that firm must reimburse American taxpayers.”

In addition to fines, Brown’s proposed bank would create a system of portable benefits for part-time and independent workers.

Brown says the bank w0uld keep track of benefits such as retirement, paid leave and withheld taxes. According to the senator, that would mean greater job security for freelance workers and create a better economy.