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Cleveland Consent Decree Monitor Says the RNC has Slowed Some Reforms of Cleveland Police

Consent decree chief Matthew Barge

The first report from the team monitoring Cleveland’s police reform progress is out, and it shows mixed results. The report is part of last year’s consent decree between the city and the U.S. Justice Department.

The report gives Cleveland good marks for improving police training and use of force policies. But it says vast improvement is needed in speeding up the way the department handles civilian complaints.

And it is critical of the condition of the department’s equipment, saying much of it is seriously outdated.

The report states that more time has been spent planning to reach the first-year reform goals than in implementation. But it concedes that preparation for this summer’s Republican National Convention has sapped much of the city’s time and effort. This is the first of several  semi-annual reports the monitoring team will compile as the city works to reform its police department.