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Sen. Sherrod Brown Says He Trusts Hillary Clinton On Trade

photo of Sherrod Brown and Jake Tapper

With a recent poll showing Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton trailing Donald Trump in Ohio by four points, Ohio’s top elected Democrat is defending Clinton when it comes to trade.

Sen. Sherrod Brown appeared on CNN’s “State of the Union” Sunday, saying that he trusts Hillary Clinton when it comes to trade and American jobs. He cited her opposition to the Trans Pacific Partnership, versus Trump’s opposition to prevailing wage. Brown says working-class voters who may have been wooed by Trump will soon see that Clinton has laid out more specifics in her plans regarding trade agreements.

“She wants a trade prosecutor to enforce rules and trade laws. She wants to triple the enforcement budgets at the Department of Commerce and the International Trade Commissions. She has specific reasons about her opposition to Trans-Pacific Partnership.

"When they see the big-picture on jobs, they're going to see a few sort of shallow words from Trump, but they’re going to see a life-long commitment to workers from Hillary Clinton."

Brown added that Ohio’s voters will soon see that Clinton has been more supportive of the working-class than Trump has.

“When they start thinking about this in the next four months – how Donald Trump’s has been against the minimum wage, now he’s all over the place – he’s against prevailing wage, which will attack right at the heart of the building trades. And he’s for Right to Work, which is a dagger in the heart of working-class Ohioans.”

Sen. Brown has been mentioned as a potential running mate for Hillary Clinton. When asked how he would respond to a formal offer, the senator said only that he “loves” his current job and will continue to work on issues such as healthcare and lead contamination in drinking water.