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Ohio's Senate President Says Changes Are Needed In the House's Medical Marijuana Bill

Photo of Ohio Senate president Keith Faber

 A bill to legalize medical marijuana in certain forms and under certain conditions is getting a lot of attention in the House. 

But the leader of the Senate is suggesting it might not get a warm welcome in his chamber.

Senate President Keith Faber says unless there are changes, the House’s medical marijuana bill could run into some problems.

“I don’t know anybody in the Senate, Republican or Democrat, that believes it ought to be criminal to give your child, who’s got epilepsy, cannaboid oil or a product," Faber said. "And frankly, I don’t know any prosecutor in Ohio who would prosecute that now. But you go to a completely different end of the spectrum when you talk about smoke-able products for things like chronic fatigue syndrome.”

Faber says he’s also concerned about creating a new state board rather than putting medical pot regulation under an existing state agency.