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The Battle of the SuperPACS: Kasich and Cruz Fight Over George Soros

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The ad battle between John Kasich and Ted Cruz is ratcheting up in Wisconsin. For Ohio Public Radio, WKSU’s M.L. Schultze has more on the fight over support from a billionaire that neither one wants.



“Millionaires working side by side with George Soros are bankrolling his Super PAC…” 


An ad by a super PAC run by the former chief of staff for Ted Cruz includes an image of John Kasich and liberal icon Soros with the words: “Hundreds of thousands of dollars from George Soros.”


That’s led to a letter from a superPAC supporting the Ohio governor’s presidential run that warns TV stations not to air the ad. The letter cautions, in part, “Your station has a duty ‘to protect the public from false, misleading or deceptive advertising.’” Kasich’s PAC, New Day for America, also maintains that airing the ad could cost a TV station its license.

The facts:  New Day has gotten hundreds of thousands of dollars from two execs associated with liberal billionaire and Hillary Clinton supporter Soros. But unlike Soros himself, Scott Bessent and Stanley Druckenmiller  have long given more money to Republicans than Democrats.

In a statement responding to the ad, New Day spokeswoman Connie Wehrkamp said Cruz’s record leaves his PAC with just one option: “To run TV ads full of lies and distortions.”

Cruz’s PAC, TrusTED Leadership, did not respond to a request for comment 

M.L. Schultze is a freelance journalist. She spent 25 years at The Repository in Canton where she was managing editor for nearly a decade, then served as WKSU's news director and digital editor until her retirement.