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Kasich Defends a Role for the Convention, Says 'No' to Being Trump's or Cruz's VP

John Kasich on primary night

Gov. John Kasich was on NBC’s “Meet the Press” Sunday morning, in an interview that had a few tense moments between the Republican presidential candidate and host Chuck Todd. Kasich shot back at Todd over questions about accepting the vice presidential slot, and about whether aiming toward a contested convention is a “parlor game."

  Kasich: “This isn't a parlor game of who gets this or who gets that.”

Todd: “But you're stuck with a parlor game—“

Kasich: “I believe - I want to tell you - “

Todd: “But you're stuck having to play a parlor game because your only path is the convention.”

Kasich: “No, Chuck. How's that -“

Todd: “That's the ultimate parlor game.”

Kasich: “I am not playing a parlor game. The convention is an extension of the process of nominating somebody.”

He also insisted -- again -- he has no interest in being Donald Trump's VP -- or Ted Cruz's.


Kasich on being a running mate

Kasich: “Yeah. Under no circumstances.”

Todd: “Yeah, I understand.”

Kasich: “Are you people kidding me?”

Todd: “All right. What about Ted Cruz?”

Kasich: “No. I'm not going to be anybody's, I'm running for president.“

Todd: “Under no circumstances. Just as Sherman-esque with Ted Cruz as it is with Donald Trump. No chance, no how?“

Kasich: “Absolutely. You know what? You folks gotta get - you know, look. You're a great guy. I like you very much. But you guys-- you pundits got to get out of Washington.”


Kasich also was asked whether the Senate should hold hearings on President Obama’s US Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland. Kasich said he didn’t think Obama should have brought him up, but that Senators should at least meet with him, and that “maybe ultimately, if I’m president….he'll be under consideration for the Supreme Court.”


After that interview, Kasich walked back those remarks, saying he was “just trying to be polite” on “Meet the Press”, but that he would not consider Garland as a nominee. He said he would have “my own picks” for the high court, and that he would only consider a candidate that is “a respecter of the Second Amendment."