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Meet the Ohio Bernie Sanders Supporter Who Voted for Ted Cruz

Jonathan Vales

Pollsters and reporters have run into one big phenomenon this election – big surprises when it comes to what voters do when they actually go to the polls. For Ohio Public Radio, WKSU’s M.L. Schultze spoke with one of those who surprised even himself.

Jonathan Vales uses his cellphone to get his dad to the polls, but has been hitting social media to encourage others. He’s 25, a native Akronite, African-American, a truck driver and …

“I’m a big Bernie Sanders supporter…” who took out a Republican ballot.

“It was more important to get out the word to stop Donald Trump. If he’s selected as the primary candidate for the Republican candidacy, that means he has a good chance of his becoming president. And I would rather someone like Kasich or Cruz get that opportunity who actually deserve that opportunity.”

And in a state where all the polls say it is a match between Gov. John Kasich and Donald Trump -- Vales opted for Ted Cruz. He says Kasich just hasn't done all he'd like to have seen him do in Ohio.