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In Cleveland, Clinton Accuses Trump of 'Political Arson'

Hillary Clinton at Olivet Institutional Baptist Church

A few hours after Donald Trump drew as many as 20,000 people to the IX Center on Cleveland’s west side, Hillary Clinton was on the east side speaking to a predominantly African American church about issues including the economy, criminal justice reform and voting rights.

But she began with a criticism of Trump.

  "The ugly, divisive rhetoric from Donald Trump, and the encouragement of violence and aggression, is not only wrong, but dangerous. If you play with matches, you start a fire you can’t control. That is not leadership, that is political arson.”

About 700 people gathered at the Olivet Institutional Baptist Church for the town hall with Clinton, the same church where the other Democratic presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders, spoke last week.

Ohio’s primary is Tuesday, and the presidential candidates have scheduled nearly two-dozen visits in the days leading up to the election.