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2018 was a big election year in Ohio. Republicans held onto all five statewide executive offices including governor and super majorities in both the Ohio House and Senate. But there were a few bright spots for Democrats, among them the reelection of U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown and the election of two Democrats to the Ohio Supreme Court.With election 2018 over, the focus now shifts to governing. Stay connected with the latest on politics, policies and people making the decisions at all levels affecting your lives.

Clinton Leads Sanders in Ohio, While Trump Remains Ahead of Kasich

John Kasich announcing his run
This story has been updated following the release of the GOP numbers.

  A new poll of likely voters in next Tuesday's Ohio primary shows Hillary Clinton is likely to win among Democrats and Trump continuing to lead Gov. John Kasich.

On the Republican side:
Voters appear much less certain of their presidential choice than the state’s Democrats.  

  The poll shows Gov. Kasich continues to trail Donald Trump among likely Republican voters. Trump has 38 percent, Kasich 32 percent. But the poll also shows that – though early voting has been underway for three weeks -- a third of the GOP voters say they either could change their mind by election day or haven’t made their mind up yet.

Kasich is doing better with women voters like Patricia Wilson of North Canton, whose son, a contractor, did work for Kasich.

"He said, 'Mom, he’s a wonderful person to work for. He’s got a kind spirit and I think he would do good."

But does she think Kasich can beat Trump -- even in his home state?

"I don’t know."

The Quinnipiac poll also shows 16 percent of Ohio Republicans supporting Ted Cruz and 9 percent for Marco Rubio.

On the Democratic side:

Democratic voters in a proportional matchup

The Quinnipiac Poll was taken before Bernie Sanders surprise close win in Michigan yesterday. It shows Clinton with a 9-point (52-43)  lead. Five percent of the voters haven’t yet made up their minds and another 17 percent say they could change their minds before they vote on Tuesday.

Hillary Clinton in Cleveland
On Tuesday, Hillary Clinton made the first of two visits this week to Northeast Ohio.

The poll also shows Clinton’s strength is among women – women like Mary Margaret Speer of Canton.

“I’ve been aware of her. I guess I would have to say I’m not 100 percent Hillary Clinton, but in view of the current situation I find her the most experienced and the less disgusting of the whole group.”