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Most Ohioans Say the Senate Should Consider Obama's Supreme Court Nominee

photo of the U.S. Supreme Court

Donald Trump narrowly leads Gov. John Kasich among Republicans in two polls released this week of Ohio’s voters. But polling also shows both Democrats and Republicans looking for a more moderate tone in D.C.

Lauren Copeland, associate director of Baldwin Wallace’s Community Research Institute, says her internet survey shows 45 percent of Ohio’s GOP-leaning voters would be more likely to support candidates who are willing to compromise with Democrats. And half of the Democratic-leaning voters said they’re more likely to support candidates who compromise with Republicans.

  “So both our Democrats and Republicans in this poll are fed up with politics as usual.”:07

The second poll, Quinnipiac, asks about one of the key divisions in Washington today – whether the Senate should consider President Obama’s nomination to replace Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia: 56 percent of voters said yes, 41 percent said the Senate should delay.

Here's the Supreme Court question and the breakdown of responses:

30. As you may know, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has passed away. Do you think the Senate should consider a candidate nominated by the President to fill the vacant seat, or do you think the Senate should delay action on a Supreme Court nominee until there's a new president?


  • Consider: 56 percent
  • Delay 41 percent
  • Don't know: 2 percent


  • Consider: 28 percent
  • Delay 70 percent
  • Don't know; 2 percent


  • Consider: 85 percent
  • Delay: 12 percent
  • Don't know: 2 percent
  • Independents


  • Consider: 58 percent
  • Delay: 40 percent
  • Don't know: 2 percent