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Stephen Colbert Grills Kasich on "The Late Show"

Kasich on "Late Night with Stephen Colbert"
Kasich on "Late Night with Stephen Colbert"

Gov. John Kasich was on CBS’s “Late Show with Steven Colbert” last night.  Kasich repeated a lot of his talking points about party unity and running a positive campaign, but he got a little irritated when Colbert pushed back on his statements that President Obama shouldn’t appoint a replacement for Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

Colbert: “You said that the president should not appoint anyone unless they could be unanimously approved.”

Kasich: “I said ‘acclaimed’. Steven, look, the President’s going to send a nominee up and they’re not going to confirm them.”

Colbert: “But no one will be unanimously confirmed.”

Kasich: “Oh, I don’t mean un – I’m talking about somebody who the overwhelming consensus says ‘that’s the person we want.’ And that isn’t going to happen now.”

Colbert: “We won’t even get that with president. How would you possibly get that…”

Since coming in second in the New Hampshire, Kasich has been campaigning in South Carolina where Republicans will vote in their primary this weekend. His campaign, however, has already turned its sights to New England where it’s scheduled town hall meetings in Vermont and Massachusetts.

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