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Cleveland Apologizes, but Says It Never Sent an Ambulance Bill to the Tamir Rice Family

photo from Tamir Rice funeral

Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson has apologized to the family of Tamir Rice over a billing statement for the cost of ambulance transport after the 12 year old was shot by police. Jackson says the claim was settled a year ago by Medicaid, but re-sent this week to the executor of the Rice family estate for standard legal purposes.                                                               

News of the EMS claim angered many people. And during a press conference to explain the issue, Mayor Frank Jackson stressed that it was never sent directly to Rice’s family. He says the city’s legal department should have done more to “red-flag” the bill, though resending it to the executor was a routine procedure. Jackson adds that a city employee could be disciplined.

“As you know I will really look into this and if somebody has done something that is really pure negligent or something intentional, we will handle that. But if was someone just doing their job but didn’t take the extra step, that’s another question.”

Jackson says he’s asked the city finance and legal departments to find ways to prevent this from happening again. Last year, Medicaid paid about $180 of Rice’s $500 ambulance bill, and the city absorbed the rest.