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Drive to Extend Ohio Term Limits in 2015 Stalls

photo of Fred Mills

This year, a collection of state lawmakers, local officials and historians took a long look at extending term limits in Ohio. Statehouse correspondent Andy Chow reports opponents said average Ohioans had a different view about the idea. And, at least for now, the opponents won.

Throughout 2015, lawmakers on the panel looking over possible changes to the Ohio Constitution were considering extending term limits for state lawmakers from eight years to 12.  Former Ohio House Chief of Staff and longtime political insider Fred Mills chairs a committee on that panel and said term limits do away with institutional knowledge.

“We threw out 800 years of experience in ’92.”

But Rob Walgate with the conservative-leaning Ohio Roundtable says voters don’t want any change in term limits.

photo of Rob Walgate
Rob Walgate says Ohio's term limits should not be relaxed.

“The only people that talk about that are the people walking these halls.”

Two other groups opposed to extending term limits jumped into the debate. And for now, the issue seems stalled.