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Ohio's ACLU Joins the Fight to Stop the Removal of Voters from the Rolls

Photo of Levenson
The ACLU of Ohio

The ACLU of Ohio is taking action to stop the state from removing residents who don’t vote often enough from the voting rolls.

The organization sent a letter to Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted today demanding that it stop a process that it calls illegal.

Legal Director Freda Levenson says Ohio’s current program punishes Ohio voters.

“Voters who haven’t moved shouldn’t be forced to re-register in order to maintain their status as active voters," said Levenson. "Under the secretary’s program, registered voters are being punished, really, for expressing their First Amendment right not to vote.”

The organization also says the state’s most recent purge of inactive voters this summer resulted in the removal of thousands of Ohio voters. Most of the voters removed this year last voted in 2008, a year with record turnout in the state.