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Member Profile: Judy Mohan


It would be impossible for WKSU to run without the generous donations of our members.  One such member, Judy Mohan, talks about her favorite programs, her love for NPR and trading places with a few of our hosts.


How were you first introduced to WKSU?


My partner and I moved to Kent for our first jobs after grad school, and one of the first things I did was look for an NPR station, since I had become an avid NPR listener of WETA in Washington. I was thrilled to find that Kent State had an NPR station right on campus, and I started volunteering when you still had a studio in the Music and Speech Building and again when you moved to a former restaurant on S.R. 59 (now Arize Entertainment).


How long have you been a member of WKSU?


We have been members since 1980. There were years when we didn’t renew, but we tried to give whenever possible when our children were younger and more expensive.


What made you want to become a member?


From the time my graduate advisor had NPR on in our lab all day long, I was hooked. I really wanted to support the work of NPR and of our local station. We were also huge listeners of Jim Blum’s weekend folk shows and wanted to support those and other weekend shows like A Prairie Home Companion.


What are your favorite parts about being a member?


In this day and age, we need real, fact-checked information so much. WKSU, first and foremost, provides the tremendous variety of news and information-based programs that fill my need for what a thinking citizen should have to make some sense of the world.


What is your favorite WKSU program? Why?


This is such a difficult question because there are so many. I have always loved Scott Simon and Weekend Edition on Saturday mornings because he weaves such a thoughtful fabric of news and human interest stories together in his own unique way. Morning Edition and All Things Considered are staples in my daily radio diet that inform and challenge my mind. I also love the local features like Amanda Rabinowitz and Terry Pluto on sports and Exploradio because I’m a science teacher.


Did you ever have a moment listening to WKSU where you just couldn’t turn the radio off, even if you had somewhere to be?


So many that I cannot count them!


Where do you spend the most time listening to WKSU? 


I have always listened whenever I’m in the car, commuting or just traveling around. We also listen at home and I utilize the app to listen when I’m out of town.


If you could trade places with one WKSU personality, who would it be?


It’s a tie between Amanda Rabinowitz, Jeff St. Clair and Mark Pennell.  They are all such interesting and talented folks that I can’t choose just one!