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Meet Our Interns: Aaron McDade



The newsroom can get pretty hectic when there are so many things to report on. Luckily, WKSU employs the help of news interns such as Aaron McDade to help report on and edit stories.

How did you learn about WKSU’s internship opportunities?

I have several friends who have worked here in the past and they made it sound like a great place to work. My professors at Kent State also spoke highly of it as a learning experience.


What made WKSU stand out as a destination?

It has a great reputation, and it provides an important service to the local community, which sounded like a valuable thing to contribute to.


How do you integrate your course work into WKSU?

I have been using the skills I have learned in various journalism classes, such as interviewing and use of different technologies, to get valuable information from sources. I then turn that information into stories that resonate with WKSU's listeners and readers.


What is the most important thing you have learned so far?

I’ve learned to always be prepared for anything.


What do you hope to get out of this internship?

I hope to gain experience with a respected, professional group of individuals that can help me later on in my career and improve my skills using technology and interviewing.


Where does your passion for news come from?

It comes from a desire to always know more, and the feeling that it is important for other people to also be informed so they can form their own opinions about the world around them.


What is your dream job?

Reporting about sports, ideally Cleveland sports, because I am so familiar with them already.


Have you done any news-related jobs in the past? What were they?

I’ve done reporting and editing for the Kent Stater, which is the student-run newspaper of Kent State University.


Who are some news personalities you look up to?

Zach Lowe of ESPN and Howard Beck of Bleacher Report because I feel like they get things right and are always fair with their criticism and praise of NBA players and teams.


What is your favorite pastime?

I enjoy watching sports and playing video games.


What type of work do you do for the station?

I have been calling to get information on stories that need more work, conducting and editing interviews that can be played on air and helping with editing and publishing of stories to the website.


Which staff members do you work with most often?

So far, I’ve worked mostly with broadcast and digital editor Sarah Taylor, news director Andrew Meyer and anyone else in the newsroom at a given time.


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