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Meet Our Interns: Lauren Green


WKSU consistently employs interns from Kent State University to get new insight, gain assistance in our non-profit goals and give students a chance to learn. Lauren Green, an aspiring graphic designer, helps WKSU with all their design needs.

How did you learn about WKSU’s internship opportunities? 

I discovered my current internship on Handshake. I also receive emails from my internship coordinator that sends all Visual Communication Design students info on internship opportunities in the area. 

What made WKSU stand out as a destination? 

WKSU stood out to me because it was a local non-profit that needed a position filled that they never had before. With that being said, I wanted to be the one who showed them the importance of branding and visual design and how that alone can increase support. . 

How do you integrate your course work into WKSU? 

As a designer, I have to know the “big 3”, which are the three design programs that I live my life by. These programs include Indesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop which are all essential in becoming a good designer. Through my course work at Kent State I now have a very good understanding of all these programs, which I use here at WKSU everyday. 

What is the most important thing you have learned so far? 

In school we typically get around a month to work on projects. In an office environment, like WKSU, I only get a few days to get a project completed. With that being said, the most important thing I’ve learned so far was managing my time in a way that's both fast and efficient while still submitting good work. 

What do you hope to get out of this internship? 

I hope that I can gain the necessary skills to design in an office setting, considering it’s very different than freelance or agency work. I also hope to gain valuable network connections. 

Where does your passion for news come from? 

My passion for news comes from my family. We always talked politics around the dinner table and watched the evening news growing up. It was only natural that I would pursue a design internship in that field.

What is your dream job? 

My dream job would be working as a creative director for a large marketing and design firm. I also have aspirations to become a successful freelancer, giving me the opportunity to work independently. 

What is your favorite part of the internship? 

My favorite part of the internship is having the creative freedom to design something without a lot of limitations or restrictions. This allows me to think more creatively and gives me the chance to showcase my own work. In addition to that, I also love the people I interact with in the office. It makes for a fun and exciting work environment. 

Who are some news personalities you look up to? 

Some news personalities that I look up to are Laura Ingraham, Walter Cronkite, Sean Hannity, and Rush Limbaugh.

What is your favorite pastime? 

My favorite pastimes or hobbies are calligraphy illustration, painting, letterpress, and photography.

Has anything you’ve learned at WKSU surprised you? 

When I first applied to become an intern here I had no idea that WKSU was a full non-profit organization that is fueled by the community and its listeners. It really put into perspective the type of work they do to service the people around them. 

What type of work do you do for the station? 

I am the station’s one and only graphic designer. I create graphics for fund drives, merchandise, web ads, events, news series and much more. Most importantly, I serve as one of the driving forces to increase support  and overall traffic on our website. 

Which staff members do you work with most often? 

I work in the fundraising department, which consists of my supervisor, fundraising and communication director Lindsay Kuntzman Hilewick, member services and stewardship manager Patti McCoy and membership database manager Rachel Huntley. I also work closely with assistant director of advancement Keith Freund and director of advancement Natalie Pillsbury.

Which staff members have been the biggest influence to you? 

I would say Lindsay Kuntzman Hilewick has been the most influential. She has given me the opportunity to express myself through my work and is someone who I aspire to be.

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