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Yasuyuki Ogikubo Member Profile


Members are an irreplaceable part of what makes WKSU run. One member, Yasuyuki Ogikubo, talks about her experiences with WKSU and changing places with a certain on-air host.

How were you first introduced to WKSU? I now live mostly in Cleveland for work, but I often go back to California where I have my family. Since I listened to the local NPR stations there, it was more than natural to find WKSU here.

How long have you been a member of WKSU? I have just joined as a new member, while I often thought about it!

What made you want to become a member? I really like WKSU for their fair and balanced views that, I believe, add significant values to our community. I imagine that you'd be making a tremendous effort behind the scenes as a non-profit organization. I have realized that I should start supporting what I believe to be precious to our society with my sincere appreciation.

What are your favorite parts about being a member? I don't know yet, but I simply wanted to start a tiny contribution to what I believe is important.

What is your favorite WKSU program?  Why? I like the news programs in general: Morning Edition and All Things Considered in particular. I usually rely on WKSU’s programs more than other programs or articles by profit-oriented media.

What ways do you listen to WKSU (Radio, alexa, smartphone, etc.)? Mostly from my car radio during my drive. Often I use my Alexa at home as well.

Did you ever have a moment listening to WKSU where you just couldn’t turn the radio off, even if you had somewhere to be? It was not a news program, but I've just recalled one of your music programs, which introduced “My Heart Got Caught on Your Sleeve” by Lucius. It was so breathtaking with beautiful harmony that I had to stop driving. WKSU has great taste for arts and music as well.

Where do you spend the most time listening to WKSU? Mostly I listen in my car when I commute or drive somewhere, then at home with my Alexa.

If you could trade places with one WKSU personality, who would it be? It's a tough question. If I need to choose one from your all-stars, I'd pick Amanda. Her voice is so beautiful like a refreshing morning breeze to start a new day.

WKSU members are those who make a donation to the station to help keep us running.  If you would like to learn more about our membership opportunities or would like to make a donation, you can do so online or by calling 330-672-3114.