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Libby Vanderark Member Profile


WKSU not only helps keep you informed, but it can also help keep families close, such is the case with Libby Vanderark, who was introduced to WKSU through her grandmother.


How were you first introduced to WKSU? I was first introduced to WKSU by my grandmother. We used to sit and listen to "Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!" on Saturday mornings when I was a little girl, and then when I got my drivers license, I started listening so that we could have more to talk about.


How long have you been a member of WKSU? I just became a member in this past fall membership drive.


What made you want to become a member? I'd been wanting to become a member for quite some time, but I didn't think I could afford it. When I heard about the $1 a week option, I thought, "Hey even I can do that!"


What are your favorite parts about being a member? My favorite thing about being a member is just knowing that I'm contributing to such a great cause, and that I am doing my part in keeping this program alive. I know that there are probably very few young people that listen to WKSU, but as the population ages, I hope to sustain this great station.


What is your favorite WKSU program? Why? My favorite program is probably Morning Edition, because it's just such an easy way to be informed of everything going on in the world. I can turn it on while I'm getting ready in the morning or on my commute to school and I know that I won't be missing a beat.


What ways do you listen to WKSU (Radio, Alexa, Smartphone, etc.)? I listen mostly on the radio, but sometimes I play WKSU on my smartphone or computer.


Did you ever have a moment listening to WKSU where you just couldn’t turn the radio off, even if you had somewhere to be?All the time!


Where do you spend the most time listening to WKSU? I spend the most time listening during my commute.


If you could trade places with one WKSU personality, who would it be? Probably Amanda Rabinowitz. You really don't get to hear a lot of women talk sports, and I love that she's paving the way for more female sports commentators. I am a huge Browns fan, and it's nice to feel represented when I catch up on what's going on in the Cleveland sports world.


WKSU members are those who make a donation to the station to help keep us running.  If you would like to learn more about our membership opportunities or would like to make a donation, you can do so online or by calling 330-672-3114.