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Joanne Dowdy Volunteer Profile


The events put on by WKSU would be impossible without the much appreciated help of our volunteers.  Joanne Dowdy is a proud volunteer of the station and wanted to share her experiences volunteering.


What made you want to volunteer with WKSU? I support the organization financially, so I should know what makes it tick! I listen to the shows first thing when I start my day and then well into the night when I am ready to go back to bed.

How long have you been a listener of the station? I’ve been listening since I arrived in Ohio in 2001.

What are some of your favorite tasks to do for the station? So far I have enjoyed greeting people at an open house and recruiting members of the "birthday club."

Have you made any friends through your volunteer work? Yes, I believe I have made friends with many of the people who work at the station. If they don't know me by name, they know me by sight!

Tell us about your favorite moment while volunteering. At the last open house, someone told he he was soooo glad that I waved at him while he was walking up to the front door! He said thanks when he entered the door, and he said thank you again when he was leaving the gathering.  He felt so lonely walking into a strange place and not knowing anyone, but a wave from the "greeter" got him inside the front door.

What do you think is the most rewarding part of being a volunteer? Each person has something to share. When it is all put together and the outcome is a success, then we all get to celebrate that success.

How did you learn about our volunteer opportunities? I received an email message with a request for volunteers.

What is your favorite part about doing volunteer work? I liked being called in after the first gig. It means that what I have to share is valued.


You get to host an on-air program for a day.  What is your show called and what is it about? My show is called "Who's in Town?" and it’s about all the "transplants to Kent State University and Northeast Ohio."  This gives us an inside view about the people who have made their home here and are contributing to the success of the state through their work at the university and all the tributaries that are part of the university.


If you would like to learn more about our volunteer opportunities or sign up to volunteer yourself, you can do so online or by calling 330-672-3114.