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WKSU Profile: Jeff St. Clair

host and reporter Jeff St. Clair

If you've ever wondered about the person behind the voice you hear during All Things Considered, WKSU host and reporter Jeff St. Clair recently answered some questions ranging from book recomendations to camping spots and even his fall travel plans.

Name: Jeff St. Clair

Title: WKSU host/reporter

What book are you reading – or have read recently – that you’d recommend? Right now I'm reading Nature and the Environment in Amish Life by David L. McConnell and Marilyn D. Loveless. They're two professors from Wooster and I'm planning to do a story on their work. They found that Amish people don't always live according to popular stereotypes. Plus this summer I read several Icelandic sagas written in the 12th century which I highly recommend for fans of how Vikings settled legal disputes. And I read a lot of science news religiously. 

You've done a lot of camping this summer. What’s the best location for camping in Ohio? Portage County's West Branch (State Park). It's surprisingly nice! It has hardwood forest trails, rare birds, picturesque lake - it's beautiful. We were there for three nights, only rained once.

Summer’s winding down – what’s one place in Ohio everyone should go visit before the start of fall? Hocking Hills. It's a good place to visit during summer and fall. Everyone should see it, just not at the same time... it can get crowded. We visited a few weeks ago and it was wonderful.

What's one place in Ohio on your bucket list to visit this fall? Geneva. We're going to do a wine tour with my wife's niece. Finally going to sample Ohio wines! but I really don't have a bucket list...

What motivates you to go on-air every day and host All Things Considered? There's a lot going on in the world - and not all of it can be explained in a tweet. I listen to a lot of NPR and I like being a part of the discussion and contributing by choosing headlines about what's happening here - locally - and how it affects lives. I appreciate the chance to provide information.

If you were going to get a tattoo of an NPR personality, who or what would it be? This American Life offered temporary tattoos once as fund-drive gifts and I liked those, especially the tribal tattoo of This American Life. Or the biker-style tattoo of Terry Gross, with flames, skulls, etc.