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WKSU Adds Programs for the Midterm Elections

Politics Programming

Now through November, WKSU features special programs geared towards the upcoming Midterm Elections.

America on the Line
Monday-Thursday at 8 p.m., now through Nov. 8

Expanding on Indivisible, a program that spanned the first 100 days of the Trump administration, Jonathan Capehart and an exceptional team of incisive analysts, strategists and reporters from across the political spectrum will plant the conversation at the critical crossroads of the mid-term elections. Each evening, they will convene a gathering for everyday Americans to examine the why and how of political currents against the impending midterms at one of the most explosive and divisive periods in our history. Wherever you stand on the political, social and policy issues of our time, America on the Line will be essential listening. Find more about the program HERE.

The Democracy Test from Truth Politics and Power
Friday at 8 p.m., Sept. 21 through Oct. 26

Hosted by Neal Conan, The Democracy Test offers audiences a broad and diverse national perspective. Over the course of the series, the hosts and their guests will examine what’s unique in this moment of our nation’s history, what brought us here, and what it would take to emerge with a stronger understanding and expression of our democratic ideals.

The Politics Show from NPR
Sunday at 4 p.m., Sept. 14 through Nov. 11

Featuring Scott Detrow, Tamera Keith, and Asma Khalid, The Politics Show from NPR is the definitive guide to the 2018 midterms -- a one-hour roundtable discussion airing for nine weeks that presents a deep dive on the major races, themes, and issues defining these historic elections.

Featuring the trademark wit that has long characterized the popular NPR Politics Podcast, The Politics Show from NPR will feature reporters who cover politics from a number of different perspectives -- from NPR's White House and Congressional teams to Member station reporters covering local races. Their unique insights into the elections will enable listeners to come away able to discuss the major choices facing voters this election.