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Meet Lisa - A WKSU Member

Wilsbacher Family

We love our WKSU members and we want to find out more about you. We recently reached out to a few people who sent us nice comments with their donations and we will be introducing them to you. We're part of a WKSU community!

Say hello to Lisa and Matthew!:

Current City:  North Canton

Hometown:  Louisville, OH

What brings you to Northeast Ohio?:  I'm a native Northeast Ohioan and met my husband at KSU.

How long have you been a WKSU listener?:  Thirty years or more. As a kid I would fall asleep to the classical music. In college, my husband came from an avid NPR family and introduced me to all the great weekend shows.

Why are you a public radio fan?:  We love the entertaining shows on the weekends and during the week NPR is one of the few sources left for truly fair and balanced news in an increasingly polarized country.

When did you decide to become a WKSU member?:  We have wanted to for years and finally decided we could fit it into our budget.

What is your favorite show on WKSU?:  Wait, Wait... Don't Tell Me! (My husband has a voice crush on Fiona Ritchie and does miss Thistle & Shamrock, though).  

Where do you listen to WKSU?:  Car, home and work.

Name all the devices you use to listen to WKSU:  Car radio, home radio, smart phone app.

How does WKSU make a difference in your  life?:  It allows us to keep up with the news in a way that is calm and rational. In today's climate of clickbait and soundbites, it's refreshing to know you are getting the facts from a reliable source that is not trying to spin the news to their own agenda.

If you were going to get a tattoo of your favorite public radio element (program, host, station,  etc.), what would it be, and why?:  Probably the WKSU logo. Since my husband and I met at KSU while we lived in Heer and Harbourt Halls, which were just down Loop Rd. from the station, WKSU will always hold a special place in our hearts. 

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