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Listening to WKSU or Folk Alley streaming audio is easy using your Amazon Echo, Google Home or other voice-activated Smart Speaker.

Using the WKSU Skills for Amazon Echo


Using the WKSU skill for Amazon Echo Smart Speakers is easy and allows you access to all of WKSU's content, as well as other features available through the WKSU Member Portal

To use any of the WKSU Skills for Echo, follow these simple steps [see screenshots below]:

1. Open your Alexa app and go to the menu.
2. Scroll down and click on Skills.
3. Search "WKSU."
4.  You will have a choice of skills: "WKSU" and "WKSU Newscast" (which is the Flash Briefing Skill).  
5. Enable the desired Skill(s).


1. Tell your device to "Enable the WKSU Skill".

If you are a WKSU Sustainer (ongoing monthly donations) or Leadership Circle donor ($1,000+ annually), you can link the WKSU Skill with your WKSU Member Portal Account and, once your user name and password are accepted, access the WKSU Pledge Free Stream by saying, "Alexa, play WKSU" as normal.

The WKSU and Folk Alley Skills provide multiple options for audio playback and member services. The list for each is below (or see the entry in the Alexa App):

For Regular Programming, say: "Alexa, play WKSU"
For Classical, say: "Alexa, ask WKSU to play Classical"
For the News Channel, Say: "Alexa, ask WKSU to play News"
For Holiday Music, Say: "Alexa, ask WKSU to play Classical Holiday" [available during winter holidays]

Other Tasks:
"Alexa, ask WKSU what's playing"
"Alexa, ask WKSU what's playing on Classical"
"Alexa, ask WKSU what's playing on News"
"Alexa, ask WKSU to check my Membership" 

Learn more about adding WKSU news briefs to your Alexa Flash Briefing HERE.