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The View from Pluto: Cavs' Irving and Love Deliver a Win in Game Four Against Boston

photo of Kevin Love, Kyrie Irving, and LeBron James
Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love both set personal playoff records in game four. LeBron secured a victory for the Cavs in the second half.

The Cavs trailed by 10 points at halftime in game four of the Eastern Conference Finals against the Celtics. Then Terry Pluto says the 'Big Three" came through.

"In the third quarter, the whole game just turned around," Terry Pluto says.

Pluto says the credit goes to LeBron James, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love.

Irving scored a remarkable 42 points in the game, a career playoff high. Love had 17 rebounds, also unprecedented for him in a playoff game.

James finished with 34 points. "When [LeBron] was still in his funk from the game before, it was Kyrie Irving scoring, Kevin Love defending and rebounding," Pluto says. "Then LeBron took them home."

Cavs coach Tyronn Lue made a potentially risky move by keeping LeBron in the game after he got four fouls in the first half.

"Usually a coach doesn't allow a player to stay in the game after his third [foul]," Pluto says. "I think Tyronn Lue, at that point, was gambling that LeBron would not pick up any more fouls."

The gamble paid off.

"LeBron came in, and his energy and fuel were back. He was renewed. He put the exclamation point on the whole night," Pluto says.

The Cavs won 112-99.

Even Boston Celtics coach Brad Stevens had to admit it was a stunning performance by the Big Three.

"Sometimes you just have to tip your hat to the other team."

Could the Cavs wrap things up tomorrow night in Boston?

"You would hope so," Pluto says. "But I will say this, Boston has played with a lot of confidence."