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Officials Seek Public Input During Gorge Dam Removal

Officials want to hear from the community during the Gorge Dam removal.

While the design phase moves forward on the removal of the Gorge Dam on the Cuyahoga River, efforts are also underway to ensure residents have their questions answered.

At this week’s public meeting announcing the timeline for the removal of the dam, most people were pleased because the dam is a barrier to a healthier Cuyahoga River.

Some have questions about the contaminated sediment trapped behind the dam. That’s why the U.S. EPA has brought in social scientist Caitie Nigrelli of Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant.

Nigrelli has organized a public outreach committee that she said is already energized.

“This site is fantastic because there’s been a longstanding effort to kind of rally the community interest in learning more about this project,” she said. “We coordinate very closely with the Gorge Dam Removal Stakeholder Group. They have a pulse on the community and they have a track record of bringing people out to learn about this project.”

The current plan is to remove the sediment and the dam by 2023. Gorge Dam removal officials want to hear from the public throughout the project. Visit the Great Lakes Mud website to learn more.