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Mustard Seed Market Plans to Phase Out Plastic Bags

photo of Mustard Seed Market Highland Square
Mustard Seed Market President Phil Nabors says his three locations are phasing out plastic bags, but he says the bigger issue is the plastic packaging used for the products the stores sell.

One of the largest supermarket chains in the country is phasing out plastic bags. And at least one Northeast Ohio grocer is moving toward the same thing.

Cincinnati-based Kroger said it will phase out the bags starting next year to reduce waste and encourage customers to bring reusable bags.

Phillip Nabors is president of Mustard Seed Market, with three locations in Northeast Ohio. He said the stores are planning to use their current stock of plastic bags and, after that, switch to paper.

“The reusable bags are clearly the best way to do it. But this whole issue, it doesn’t get instantly cured because supermarkets quit having plastic bags. There’s still a tremendous amount of packaging that’s in the system that is a problem,” he said.

Nabors cited the packaging that products are sold in and said he foresees reusable containers as being one possible solution in the future.