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Suburbs Reach a Deal With Akron to Share More of The Sewer Costs

Storage basin
City of Akron

If you live in a community near Akron, your sewer bill may be going up. The city plans to charge more for the sewer services it provides to half a dozen outlying areas.

Cuyahoga Falls, Montrose, Springfield Township and Tallmadge are among what are called “master metered” communities served by Akron sewers.

As many as two-thirds of homes in those communities are hooked up. But under a federal order to build a massive new system, Akron wants more for its service. 

Tallmadge Mayor David Kline says, after a year of negotiating, a deal has been struck to make that happen.

"We know all about the EPA requirements from them to clean up the  river down on in the valley.

And so that’s part of all this, that $1 billion price tag.  Does Tallmadge have a portion of that that we should be responsible for?  I think the answer to that is yes,to an extent.”

Tallmadge Mayor David Kline
Credit City of Tallmadge website
City of Tallmadge website
David Kline, Mayor of Tallmadge

A typical bill in the suburbs will likely go up about $5 a month. Kline, says the form of the rate increase is the product of both negotiation and consultation.

“We did not agree with a lot of things in there until we were able to work with them and came out with what I think is a mutual agreement that is not only good for Tallmadge but the other metered communities.”