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Lordstown is Getting Another $900 MIllion Energy Plant

Co-gen plant under construction
The first plant off Route 45 in Lordstown is expected to be complete in June 2018.

Details are expected to be released tomorrow (Wednesday) on the planned construction of another nearly $900 million energy plant in Lordstown. .

Lordstown was pretty much built around the Chevy plant in the 1960s. But construction began last summer on the other side of the Northeast Ohio village on Lordstown’s first high-efficiency energy plant, which is expected to generate enough electricity to power 800,000 homes.

Dan Crouse is the commercial real estate agent who helped package the property for the plant. He points to a 641,000 pound turbine waiting at a nearby railyard for installation. Some of the plant’s energy will come from natural gas powering that turbine.

“Well then they take the exhaust and they blow it across those coils that you see on that railroad car right there. That boils water, makes steam and then that steam turns another turbine which generates even more power. If this power plant were a Toyota Prius, it’d be getting 100 miles to the gallon.” 

Lordstown’s mayor, Arno Hill, says the second plant is expected to mirror the first, which should be complete in mid 2018. The village gave Clean Energy Future a 100 percent property tax abatement, though the company is paying the school system about $20 million over 17 years for the first plant. Abatement has not yet been worked out on the second plant.