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Environment & Energy

EPA is Investigating More Chemical Dumping In the Tuscarawas River Watershed

Bolivar dam

Officials in the Tuscarawas County village of Bolivar say the EPA will investigate another chemical dumping that occurred this morning.

Lawrence Township Trustee Donald Ackerman says he was on his way to work when he saw a truck driver dumping a liquid along Towpath Road.

That’s when Ackerman says he stopped his car and approached the driver .

“I asked him, ‘Are you dumping again?’ and he acted perplexed," Ackerman said. "He said, ‘Again? What do you mean again?’ [I said,] ‘You know we went through this 10 days ago also.’ And he led me to believe that it was just a leaky truck.”

Ackerman says the liquid coming from the truck looked similar to the substance that was recently found in the nearby Bear Run. He says he gave information about the truck to the county sheriff, and it’s being investigated.