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University of Akron is offering several COVID-19 testing options

Student Union, University of Akron
University of Akron
The University of Akron is offering several COVID-19 testing options for those with symptoms and without.

COVID-19 tests are still hard to come by in Northeast Ohio, but students, faculty and staff at The University of Akron have several options.

Eric Green is the chair of UA’s COVID-19 planning group. He says anyone with COVID-19 symptoms can get tested at the health center, and everyone else can get tested at Quaker Square. The university also has at-home tests available.

Green says they are being mindful of test shortages, but he’s not worried about running out.

Green: being mindful of COVID-19 tests in short supply

“We try to be responsible stewards of the limited resource, so when we place a resupply order with the Ohio Department of Health, we’re really only asking for what we think we’re going to consume in the next two weeks. We don’t want to take resources away from others,” Green said.

UA students are randomly selected for COVID-19 testing each week and are mandated to participate. There is no testing requirement for faculty or staff.

Abigail Bottar is a junior at Kent State University. She is pursuing a major in political science with a concentration in American politics and minors in history and women's studies. Additionally, Abigail is starting her second semester copy editing for The Burr.