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Kent State University Working to Improve Coronavirus Dashboard

a photo of a coronavirus sign at KSU
Jay Shah
Kent State has posted signage around campus to help people comply with safety protocols related to the coronavirus.

Kent State University tested 535 students for the coronavirus in the last week, according to reopening committee chairman Manfred Van Dulmen.

photo of Kent State
"We Rate Covid Dashboards" is a group of public health and data analysts who grade university COVID-19 dashboards. The group gave Kent State an average rating of C+ for its effort to inform the college community of the prevalence of the virus during the pandemic.

The latest numbers on the university’s Coronavirus Dashboard show 66 positive cases for the week of October 18.

There are currently nine rooms in use for isolation on campus, 13 in use for quarantine in Allyn Hall and 18 in use in their quarantine space.

An independent rating of university dashboards started by a Yale University professor gave Kent State a C-plus grade on its dashboard. Van Dulmen says Kent is working to provide more information.

“Since that C+ rating, we already have made some changes to the dashboard," Van Dulmen said. "For example, the information on how long it takes to get a test result is on there. There’s information on the links to the county rights. So if you include those factors, we would actually be at a B+.”

Van Dulmen also says that additional dashboard changes will be made in the next few weeks. The university is starting to think about long term plans for next semester as well.

Kelsey Paulus is a Junior studying journalism at Kent State University. She is pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree in journalism with a minor in design. Along with interning for WKSU, Kelsey is also a co-producer of TV2’s kentcore and a designer for A Magazine. She is an aspiring music journalist and hopes to work in the magazine industry someday.