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Gov. DeWine Affirms Support for School Wraparound Services

A photo of Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine

Gov. Mike DeWine is doubling down on his commitment to renew education funding for student wellness programs. The state invested hundreds of millions of dollars towards what are known as wraparound services in last year's budget.

DeWine says those programs can play a vital role in a student's education. 

The two-year state budget sends $675 million to Ohio's school districts for mentoring, mental health treatment, and other wraparound services that address student issues outside of the classroom.

DeWine says teachers have been asking for help with factors that can distract a student from learning.

"Whatever it is that's going on in that student's life, we've got to be able to help so we want to give these schools the ability to partner with other people in the community to do these things," he says.

DeWine plans to put the same amount in his second budget next year, if not more.

He says teachers face outside factors while trying to educate students.

DeWine talks about how factors outside the classroom can effect students.

"What teachers say is 'look I can teach, kids can learn, but it's what goes on outside the classroom room, it's what goes on outside the school building, and what sometimes does not go on," DeWine says.

Reports on how schools used the money are expected later this year.