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Gov. Mike DeWine Discusses How to Help Failing School Districts

A picture of an empty school hallway
Gov. DeWine thinks it's a mistake to throw out what the state is currently doing to try to help struggling schools.

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine isn’t weighing in on the deliberations in the House and Senate over school vouchers. DeWine talks about the need to do more to help failing school districts early on.

Some lawmakers have suggested the state do away with the Academic Distress Commissions that provide oversight to three failing districts. DeWine says he thinks the state should continue to monitor the performance of school districts. 

“To go in and throw out what we have, even though it’s not perfect, would be a very, very serious mistake and it would be saying ‘we don’t care about those kids.’ We have to care about those kids,” DeWine said. 

DeWine says the state should put money in when districts are showing signs of struggle early on. And the community and the state should come together to develop a plan.