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EdChoice Parents Say Access to Vouchers Promotes Choice

a photo of EdChoice parents
Parents of students using EdChoice vouchers gather at the Statehouse.

Parents of kids using private school vouchers are calling on lawmakers to keep the current program structure in place. As of now the list of schools to be designated for eligible vouchers is about to nearly triple.

Students are eligible for the EdChoice voucher if their public school building appears on the "low-performing" list. That list has 517 school buildings on it now, but it's set to jump to 1,227.

Lawmakers are looking at avoiding such a large spike.

But Corneita Allen, who has two kids using the vouchers, said school choice and the voucher program go hand-in-hand.

"When you're talking about those families having a voucher to be able to make that choice, that's huge. Because otherwise they wouldn't have the means to make that choice."

But supporters of the change said they're also looking to raise the threshold of the need-based voucher eligibility. So more low-income families could apply.