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School District Report Card Grades Go Up, Slightly

photo of the Ohio Board of Education
State education leaders say the report cards show signs of improvement.

School districts all around Ohio are taking a close look at their new report cards. The state-issued analysis includes an overall letter grade for each district.

Seven of the state's eight big urban districts improved from an "F" to a "D." That includes Dayton, which was in danger of a potential state takeover.

State Schools Superintendent Paolo DeMaria says the numbers show steady growth in achievement all around the state. "Not to be satisfied with a 'D,' but the sense I get from all of us is that they're going to leverage this momentum and continue working really aggressively to drive greater improvement."

However, several groups continued their criticism of the letter grade system calling it arbitrary and misleading.

DeMaria says the report cards can tell part of the story but encourages people to reach out to district leaders to learn more about what their schools are doing that can't be measured through these grades.