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Hiram College's New Price Model Could Lead to Nationwide Change

photo of Hiram College entrance
Hiram College has come up with a lower priced model to simplify the application process for students.

Hiram College’s plan to reduce tuition by thirty-five percent for all undergrads could have an impact well beyond the school.

Hiram College President Lori Varlotta says the goal is to reduce the sticker shock of going to Hiram and ease concern when applying. Varlotta says in the past her students rarely paid the full price, which was $37,710.

“We think that this model could have the potential to change the way colleges around the country set tuition.”

The new model lowers the cost of tuition at Hiram to $24,500 which Varlotta believes will make the college a lot more attractive to potential students applying. 

Richard Eckman the President of the Council of Independent Colleges says the new model will simplify the process of applying for college.

“All the complications of negotiating a discount from the sticker price is gone for the student and the student’s family you kind of know what you get right up front. And it simplifies it enormously in the process of applying for college.”

He adds that what Hiram is doing could be groundbreaking as it offers elements such as two free summer courses and the opportunity for paid internships which differs from other institutions that have simply cut tuition costs. 

“We at C.I.C. will be watching it closely, and after Hiram has had a few years experience with it we may very well schedule a program about it and through that, other people will be able to learn of Hiram’s experience, what’s worked, what hasn’t worked and go and make their own decisions better informed.”

Hiram will begin offering its new tuition plan next fall.