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Ohio Lawmakers Consider Options for Funding E-Schools

photo of e-school funding discussion
Erik Tritsch from Fairborn Digital Academy meets with legislators, who are considering different options for e-school funding.

The Ohio House and Senate are exploring options when it comes to how the state gives money to e-schools. The debate over funding can get complicated.

There are several types of e-schools in Ohio. There are digital platforms found within traditional public schools, charter schools, and dropout prevention and recovery schools.

The question for the joint committee on e-school funding is what should they base the funding off of -- enrollment, course completion or graduation.

Erik Tritsch of the Fairborn Digital Academy said it should be a little of everything.

“This would allow schools to plan in budget for fixed costs of running a school and incentivize schools to help students make progress toward graduation," he said. "[This] should be the goal of our students, not just logging into class.”

Lawmakers said they plan to have in-depth conversations before possibly making recommendations in this year’s budget.