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Alternate Paths to Graduation Expected to be Considered Next Week

photo of graduation
High schoolers worried about graduating should have alternate pathways to graduation.

High school seniors not meeting the testing benchmarks to graduate next year could have extra options on the table, such as good attendance and GPA. That is if Ohio lawmakers can pass a change before the end of the year. 

These alternate pathways were created for the Class of 2018 when more than a third of seniors seemed to be falling short of the new, more stringent requirements.

Republican Senator Peggy Lehner of Kettering says the education committee, which she chairs, plans on extending those pathways for the Class of 2019 before the current legislative session ends. Then next year, lawmakers plan on passing a completely new set of standards, meant to be permanent.

“When they graduate and they get that diploma, they’re gonna actually be prepared for the next step in their life,” Lehner said.

Lehner would also like to grant alternate pathways for the Class of 2020 before session ends. But she thinks attendance would not be one of the options.