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New Survey Shows College Graduates Might Have Increased Job Troubles

A photo of a graduaton cap.
The survey attributes the declines to the retail and insurance industries.

A new national survey shows college students graduating with the class of 2018 could have a more difficult time finding a job than other recent graduates. 

Across Ohio, colleges and universities are celebrating their spring commencements this month, with some like Ohio State University celebrating the largest graduating classes in their history.

But a report from the non-profit National Association of Colleges and Employers shows both private and public sector employers expect to hire fewer graduates this year. Andrea Koncz is NACE’s research manager.

“The employers said they plan to decrease their hiring by just 1.3 percent.”

While it might not sound like a huge dip, Koncz says it’s notable because the last time they saw a decrease was 2010-- the middle of the nation’s largest economic downtown since the Great Depression.

The NACE jobs outlook survey attributes the declines to two industries in particular- the retail sector, which has experienced large sales decreases in back-to-back months of 2018, and the insurance industry, which has had massive payouts in the past year due to hurricanes, flooding, and wildfires across the country.