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Hurricanes Used as Teaching Tool by Professor

forecast map for Hurricane Irma

A Kent State University geography professor is using real-time images of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma to teach his meteorology students.

Tom Schmidlin says that allows his students to study the physical geography of the storm and social geography of its impacts. One of the impacts, Schmidlin says, is surviving.

photo of Tom Schmidlin
Credit Kent State University
Kent State University
Tom Schmidlin

“Many of my students will someday live on a hurricane-prone coast. And not only do I want them to understand the meteorology for my course, because that is the outcome of my course – to understand these storms. But I want them to have the practical advice well-rounded because they’ll remember these things all their life I hope, and some of them will have to put it to use someday.”

Schmidlin says while both storms are significant, he believes the term “500-year storm” is overused.