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Ohio House Education Committee Chair Says Lawmakers Will Look Over Charter School Evaluations

photo of Andrew Brenner

The 65 public school districts and educational groups that sponsor charter schools in Ohio got some bad grades on their state evaluations this week.

None received the highest rating possible, and 60 percent were rated as “ineffective."

House Education Committee Chairman Andrew Brenner, a Republican from Powell, says lawmakers will look over those evaluations.

“This may be something that we will look at in lame duck and maybe have some proposals for next year’s budget. I think we’ve got a little bit of time to make some adjustments to it if need be and listen to the feedback coming from the sponsors as well as the charter schools and the Department of Education.”

A third of the sponsors got a rating of “poor." Some schools could lose their sponsors and be overseen by the state until a sponsor with a higher rating can be found to take them over.