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Ohio Department of Education Says it has the Tools to Properly Evaluate Charter Sponsors

A photo of Paolo DeMaria, the  Superintendent of Public Instruction in the Ohio Department of Education.

The state department of education says it’s determined to issue ratings for Ohio’s 67 charter school sponsors next month, though a panel of state lawmakers delayed the new process by which they were going to evaluate them. 

Last year’s charter school crackdown required new rules for evaluating charter school sponsors. But the Republican majority on a panel of lawmakers sent those rules back to another agency for review. So state school superintendent Paolo DeMaria says the department of education looked over its options.

“It turns out the rule that is already in place gives us all the tools we need to have a rigorous and fully compliant sponsor evaluation process.”

DeMaria says charter sponsors will be evaluated based on a random sampling of 10% of the schools they authorize, but also on the academic performance of all their schools and whether they’re engaged in quality practices to help schools get better.