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Ohio Union Warns Teachers to Beware of Grade Changes


A statewide teachers’ union is putting out an alert for educators to look out for illegal-grading schemes.

The Ohio Federation of Teachers says some administrators are putting educators in a bad position. The most recent case allegedly happened in Strasburg in Tuscarawas County, where a superintendent is accused of ordering teachers to change grades.

Union President Melissa Cropper acknowledges that certain requests made by administrators may seem harmless at first; so when all else fails, she says, don’t change grades.

“At the end of the day you are responsible for the law and for what’s best for students. So you don’t change the gradess. And if someone’s twisting your arm to change those grades -- then you report that to a higher authority," says Cropper.

Cropper adds that teachers can always call the Ohio Department of Education if there’s any questionable activity.